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Glen Larson Law Injury Attorneys represents clients throughout Colorado, including the over 112,000 residents who call the city of Pueblo home.

Pueblo County is accessible by Interstate 25 and US Route 85, which run in tandem on the same north–south expressway through Pueblo, along with Route 50, which runs east–west through the city.

With 300 days of sunshine annually and a consistently mild climate, Pueblo sees tourism traffic through the historic and culturally diverse city that boasts year-round outdoor activities, celebrated and varied dining options, and the designation of creative arts districts, which is one of only 12 states that carries the esteemed label. When temperatures dip below freezing, and snow and ice are factors, driving becomes increasingly difficult, and accidents and pile ups can occur without notice.

Unfortunately, because of the city’s popularity, Pueblo County saw 4,006 traffic collisions that caused thousands of injuries, and 34 fatalities on its roadways last year. When these and other crashes are caused by negligence, our residents are entitled to pursue the negligent person or party that caused their damages for their full financial recovery.

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Our Pueblo personal injury lawyers help each of our clients reclaim their quality of life and the financial recovery they deserve in the following practice areas:

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What Happens If I Am Injured In A Car Accident Caused By Someone Who Does Not Live In Colorado?

Pueblo is the home to Colorado’s largest single event, the Colorado State Fair and Rodeo, which hosts half a million people annually in the late summer, and the largest parade, the state fair parade, as well as an annual Chile & Frijoles Festival that hosts another 150,000 people.

With hundreds of thousands of tourists visiting Pueblo, either from different cities in Colorado, or other states, these annual events lend themselves to significant traffic congestion, accidents, injuries, and fatalities each year.

When our Pueblo residents are injured by someone who does not live in their city or county, the laws of the state where the accident occurred — Colorado — will apply.

That is why it is important to contact the police after an accident with injuries occurs in Colorado, so there is a legal record of the crash occurring — even if the visitor returns to their home state. Negligent drivers are liable for vehicle collision injuries or fatalities that occur in Colorado and can be pursued across state lines for the damage they caused.

In addition to contacting law enforcement, all accident victims should obtain the other driver’s information, including their driver’s license, registration, insurance coverage, and contact information. If there are witnesses at the scene, record their names, contact information, and what they saw for future reference.

Take pictures and/or video of all the vehicles involved, the surrounding traffic patterns, any skid marks, or crash debris, and where the vehicles came to a stop after the crash.

As soon as you can leave the crash scene, seek medical care. This will allow you to assess your injuries accurately and professionally, ensure a treatment plan is in place — and protect your overall health and well-being.

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