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Glen Larson Law Injury Attorneys in Amarillo represent individuals and families who have suffered injuries and/or damages caused by another’s negligence in Texas. 

Amarillo stretches over 104 square miles across Potter and Randall Counties, and is home to approximately 200,000 residents. As the 14th-most populous city in Texas and the largest city in the Texas Panhandle, Amarillo is served by two interstate highways: Interstate 27 and Interstate 40. 

The city’s geography and proximity to these intestates are important, as one-quarter of the United States’ beef supply is processed in the area through one of the largest meat-packing operations in the country. The industry creates extensive commercial truck traffic in the area, which can lead to significant accidents, injuries, and fatalities. 

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Dedicated Personal Injury Attorneys in Amarillo, Texas

Approximately 14 million acres of agricultural land surround Amarillo with corn, wheat, and cotton as the primary crops, and secondary crops that include sorghum, silage, hay, and soybeans.

The Texas Panhandle also serves as a fast-growing milk-producing area and includes several multimillion-dollar state-of-the-art dairies. Like the meat packing industry, the agriculture and dairy industries rely heavily on Semi-Truck and other commercial vehicles to sustain their economic impact. 

When these vehicles are operated by negligent drivers, or trucking companies that place profits ahead of safety, other motorists on our Texas roadways are placed in significant danger. 

If you or someone you love has been hurt by negligence in Texas, our personal injury lawyers in Amarillo can help you reclaim your quality of life and the financial recovery you deserve in the following practice areas: 

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Who Can Be Held Liable for 18-Wheeler Accidents, Injuries, and Fatalities in Texas?

Glen Larson Law Injury Attorneys understand the intricate dynamics behind 18-wheeler crashes, including the fact that there is usually more than one party who is responsible for the collision. 

Our skilled truck accident attorneys in Amarillo can thoroughly review the circumstances of your crash, fully investigate the causes of the collision, and pursue the liable parties who are responsible for the resulting injuries. 

The potential at-fault parties may include:

  • The Truck Driver who was distracted, driving under the influence, speeding, or surpassing the legal drive time limits. 
  • The Trucking Company for hiring unqualified drivers or failing to run the appropriate background checks to confirm the driver’s safety record is intact. In many cases, trucking companies are also being investigated for encouraging drivers to surpass the Hours of Service Regulations, which keep exhausted Semi-Truck drivers on our Texas roadways longer than legally allowed, which is one of the top causes of 18-wheeler collisions here and across the nation. 
  • Another Third-Party, including the manufacturer, maintenance crew, cargo loaders, or safety inspectors.

Evaluating which of these parties, or a combination of these parties, is liable for your collision is our Texas 18-wheeler attorneys’ specialty. We urge our fellow Texans to call us immediately after the crash occurs, so we can begin collecting important evidence that is the most important part of your case’s potential success. 

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