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Glen Larson Law Injury Attorneys’s business interruption claims lawyers know our clients pay their insurance premiums to ensure that if a catastrophic event like a hurricane, fire, flood, freeze, or more recently, a pandemic impedes their ability to operate, their livelihoods are not immediately jeopardized.

The physical losses caused by flooding, smoke damage, or other destructive events are often covered by business insurance policies that allow the owner to rebuild and start anew.

But what happens in the time between the event and the insurance reimbursement?  Frequently business revenue stops or is drastically reduced but there are still bills to pay.

Our skilled Austin business interruption claims attorneys can help you get your insurance compensation to stay afloat until your business is fully operable again.

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How Do I Know if My Texas Company Has Business Interruption Insurance Coverage?

Most businesses have insurance coverage for physical damages and liability outlined in their policies.

Your specific coverage will be unique to the inclusions you chose, and these elections vary by industry.

Business interruption insurance may be included in some policies but often must be selected as add-on coverage in others.

The problem is, insurance policies can be difficult to understand.

The length of the terms can make it difficult for any business owner to determine what is covered and what is not. And if you have had the same policy for years, it is nearly impossible to remember what inclusions you selected when you purchased the policy.

The insurance company often begins any claim process with a denial by saying the business interruption is not covered. This was especially true when COVID-19 forced businesses throughout the state to close with unprecedented short notice.

If your insurance company has delayed, undervalued, or denied your claim, our business interruption insurance attorneys are here to help protect your rights.

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What Does Texas Business Interruption Insurance Cover?

When your business is unable to operate because of a disaster, your business interruption insurance should cover your business expenses while you are closed and rebuilding.

Texas business interruption policies typically reimburse owners for:

  • Lost Revenue
  • Taxes
  • Employee Wages
  • Relocation Costs
  • Loan Payments
  • Rent or Lease Payments
  • Utilities

Like most insurance companies, yours will not simply write a blank check for your business interruption claim. They will investigate the cause of the closure and examine ways they can undervalue or deny your claim by stating your policy does not cover the reason your company is not operating.

Our Glen Larson Law Injury Attorneys business interruption attorneys in Austin will review your insurance policy and outline the financial recovery you are entitled to so you can get the best possible compensation.

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How Can the Glen Larson Law Injury Attorneys Help Me File a Texas Business Insurance Interruption Claim?

Our Glen Larson Law Injury Attorneys business interruption attorneys in Austin know that filing a claim with your insurance company can be frustrating.

As your operating costs continue to increase, your only hope is that your coverage will reimburse you for those expenses so you can stay afloat while your business is repaired or replaced and be able to start producing revenue again.

If you have purchased business interruption insurance in Texas, and are ready to make a claim, our Austin attorneys can help ensure it is accurate, complete, and backed by the support of a law firm that gets results.

Our business interruption attorneys in Texas will outline your complete financial recovery needs to ensure no detail is left to chance when filing a claim with your insurance company.

That may include:

  • Business revenue reports
  • Business expense reports
  • Utility costs
  • Number of employees
  • Payroll
  • Taxes
  • Details regarding your business history
  • Miscellaneous factors and continuing expenses that affect your bottom line

In addition, our business interruption claims attorneys will:

  • Review your existing insurance policy
  • Manage all correspondence with insurance adjusters on your behalf
  • Negotiate settlements with insurance companies that are fair and beneficial to you and your business
  • File a claim if your insurance company denies or attempts to devalue your claim

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What if My Business Interruption Insurance Claim Has Already Been Denied?

Insurance companies are notorious for denying claims immediately after they are filed.

If your business interruption insurance claim has been denied for any reason, our skilled Austin personal injury attorneys will review your policy and the insurance company’s response to ensure they are not operating in bad faith.

If they are, we will hold them responsible for the financial coverage you should be provided through your coverage.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Business Interruption Claims Our Attorneys in Austin, Texas

How are Business Interruption Claims Settled in Texas?

Most Texas business interruption claims are negotiated through summarized projections and calculations based on the history of the business’s sales trends.

It is important to have a business interruption claims attorney detail your claim based on the facts of your business, the coverage you purchased, and what your actual losses are using our legal knowledge of the practice and procedures of documenting, presenting, and negotiating with insurance companies throughout Texas.

What if the Insurance Company Offers Less Than I Believe My Claim is Worth?

Insurance companies often count on business owners struggling to stay ahead of their operating costs when their companies are unable to operate because of a fire, hurricane, or another disaster, so they can offer an undervalued settlement – which they hope is accepted out of desperation.

You do not have to accept an offer you believe is too low. You have a right to challenge it. And we can help so you are not left paying your business expenses out of pocket.

Should I Wait to File if My Insurance Company Is Already Facing Legal Action for Failure to Pay Business Interruption Claims?

No. Many insurance companies came under fire including legal action when they denied business interruption claims during the COVID-19 closures throughout Texas.

If your insurance company was one of them, do not wait to pursue them for the financial recovery you are entitled to from your policy. The longer you wait to file a claim, the longer you will be on the hook for the company’s expenses without any financial support.