At Glen Larson Law Injury Attorneys, our personal injury lawyers in Cedar Hill, Texas know that although our city is just 16 miles southwest of downtown Dallas, our beautiful scenery, including Cedar Hill State Park and Joe Pool Lake, feels worlds away from the nearby big city.

With just over 48,000 people calling Cedar Hill home, our residents are still confronted with the challenges of sharing the roads, hiking, walking, and biking pathways with negligent motorists.

When they are injured in these collisions, we are dedicated to being the personal injury attorneys in Dallas County and Ellis County they can call to explore their legal options — and more importantly, justice.

If you have been hurt in a crash, call our Cedar Hill personal injury attorneys to discuss how your life has changed since the accident, so we can understand the true impact your injuries have had on your physical, emotional, and financial well-being.

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Personal Injury Attorneys in Cedar Hill, Texas Who Produce Dedicated, Driven Results

At Glen Larson Law Injury Attorneys, our skilled Cedar Hill personal injury attorneys develop unique legal strategies for each of our clients by taking an aggressive approach to producing solution-driven results.

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Experienced Bicycle & Pedestrian Accident Attorneys in Cedar Hill, Texas

Cedar Hill maintains and manages 32 park properties, which include 17 neighborhood parks, six community parks, four greenbelts, three nature preserves, one special purpose park, which makes bicycling, hiking, running, and walking some of the most common activities in our city.

With over 45 miles of multi-purpose, integrated trails and bikeways — with the longest being the DORBA Trail in Cedar Hill State Park, considered one of the top mountain biking trails in the state — and the newest additions of Red Oak Creek Trail, Lake Ridge Hike and Bike Trail, and Pleasant Run Trail.

Our city’s growth, and total mass of nearly 36 square miles, place pedestrians and bicyclists on our trails each day, year-round. But before our residents reach the safety of our numerous trails, bicyclists have the right to share the road with other vehicles.

When motorists are negligently operating cars, trucks, and SUVs near vulnerable bicyclists, the riders are the ones who pay the price during a collision.

If you or a loved one has been hit by a negligent driver while riding your bike, call our skilled bicycle accident injury attorneys in Cedar Hill, Texas today to learn more about your legal rights and options to hold the liable party accountable for your full financial recovery.

Pedestrian Traffic is Also Vulnerable to Negligent Cedar Hill Motorists

Whether our Cedar Hill residents are walking for fun, exercise, or just to grab lunch, our city’s sidewalks, trails, and parks — no matter how protected — still leave pedestrians vulnerable to negligent drivers.

One of the most common causes of pedestrian accidents in Cedar Hill, Texas is distracted driving.

When motorists are looking down at their phones, despite a law banning texting while driving that has been in effect in Texas since 2017, pedestrians who are lawfully using crosswalks, intersections, and other popular walkways are often struck by vehicles without notice.

The reality is, reading or sending a text message behind the wheel takes the driver’s eyes off the road for five seconds. No matter the motorist’s speed, anyone on foot can be catastrophically injured or even killed by a negligent motorist who is distracted by cellphones, onboard vehicle electronics, or even other passengers in their vehicles.

If you have been hurt while on foot or lost a loved one due to a negligent driver’s recklessness, call our pedestrian accident lawyers in Cedar Hill, Texas today to learn how we can help you pursue justice.

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