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In many cases, injuries occur from no fault of the injured, leaving them to deal with the resulting stress, pain, and considerable financial burden. At Glen Larson Law, we are ready to fight for you and help you seek the relief you deserve in the wake of your accident.

We help fight for the rights of victims in and around Texas who have been injured by any of the following:

  • Auto accidents in Austin Texas– whether you were hit by a drunk driver, or were riding a motorcycle at the time of your accidents, we are prepared to help you.
  • 18-wheeler accidents in Austin Texas– being involved in an accident with a truck can often result in catastrophic injuries; don’t let yourself or a loved one suffer due to someone else’s negligence.
  • Motorcycle accident in Austin Texas– our attorneys know the stigma associated with these crashes, as onlookers often assume that whenever a motorcyclist is involved in a collision that it was their fault.
  • Ridesharing accident in Austin Texas– learn more about who can be held liable for your Uber, Lyft, or other rideshare accident injuries, so you can focus on your recovery without the stress of medical bills and lost wages further interrupting your quality of life.
  • Delivery vehicle accident in Austin Texas– when companies hire independent or third-party delivery drivers, their classification status can complicate matters for crash victims who want to file personal injury claims.
  • Commercial vehicle accident in Austin Texas– when a commercial vehicle driver, company, or another liable third party violates these standards and someone gets hurt or killed, we stand ready to help so you can get compensation for your injuries, lost wages, and other damages.
  • Dog bite in Austin Texas- If you are claiming injuries under the “one bite rule,” you must prove the dog’s owner or keeper knew that the dog bit or tried to bite somebody in the past.
  • Premises liability in Austin Texas– if you have been hurt because of a property owner or operator’s negligence — or their employees’ inability to maintain safe premises — our slip and fall lawyers and accomplished support staff provide trusted legal representation for our fellow Texans.
  • Workplace injuries in Austin Texas– Texas is home to many different industries, from oilfields to commercial trucking and agricultural work; hold your company responsible for injuries caused by their negligence.
  • Negligence of property owners in Austin Texas– whether you suffered injuries from a slip and fall, or were attacked by a dog, Texas law offers protection and the ability to recover compensation for your injuries.
  • Boating accidents in Austin Texas– these types of accidents can include anything from collisions with other boats to capsizing and fires; our injury attorneys are ready to represent you no matter what.
  • Catastrophic injuries in Austin Texas– oftentimes catastrophic injuries result in the victim requiring long-term care or medical treatment; you shouldn’t have to pay for these things, especially if your accident was caused by someone else’s negligence.
  • Wrongful death in Austin Texas– no amount of compensation can bring your loved one back, but you deserve justice, and you shouldn’t have to bear the weight of your situation alone; we can help.

Injured? Dial (512) 883-0277 to speak with an Austin personal injury lawyer today. You do not have to face this critical time without a skilled and diligent advocate by your side.

Why do injury victims continue to choose our firm?

  • We put you, the client, first!
  • We will come to you – our team makes in-home and hospital visits, and other out-of-office consultations
  • We talk plainly with our clients—we can make it easy for you to get answers to your questions
  • We always fight for you to receive justice and compensation
  • We handle catastrophic injuries and all other types of serious injury cases
  • We handle wrongful death and fatal accident cases

How long do I have to file a personal injury claim in Austin Texas?

The statute of limitations in Texas for personal injury cases is two years from the date of the injury – should you fail to take legal action within that time period, it’s very likely that a court will not hear your case and you could be giving up your right to recover for damages. Although two years may seem like a long time, it’s imperative that you take swift legal action after an accident. Our firm can assist you in the inherent complexities of filing a personal injury claim and we are ready to go to battle for you.

Proactive Case Strategies

With your personal injury case, it is imperative that we go to work quickly. Each case comes with its own unique elements, and the sooner we evaluate yours, the faster we can develop a plan of action. Obtaining legal representation before you speak with an insurance adjuster can help you to avoid losing out on potential compensation. Do you have questions before moving forward? Do not hesitate to reach out to our office and our Austin, Texas personal injury attorneys for your free case evaluation.

There are many factors to consider in setting up a plan for a personal injury case:

  • How severe were the injuries incurred
  • The manner in which the injuries were received
  • The responsible parties and who could be held liable
  • The financial impact on the family due to the permanency of the injuries and the economic damages
  • The physical location of where the accident occurred
  • How soon the injured person gets representation after the accident

It all starts with a conversation. Once you speak with our team, we believe you will feel confident in our ability to diligently and effectively seek the justice you deserve.

Call Glen Larson Law to request a free case evaluation with our Texas personal injury lawyers today.

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