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Multi-vehicle accidents can be some of the most complex and devastating car accidents. With multiple vehicles involved, it can be difficult to determine fault and liability. If you have been injured in a multi-vehicle accident in Austin, Texas, you need an experienced car accident attorney on your side to help you protect your rights and get the compensation you deserve.

Glen Larson Law Injury Attorneys is a leading car accident law firm in Austin, Texas. We have over 15 years of experience representing clients who have been injured in multi-vehicle accidents and other types of car accidents. Our trusted personal injury attorneys in Austin have a deep understanding of the complex laws and regulations governing car accidents in Texas, and we are committed to fighting for our clients’ rights.

Multi-Vehicle Accidents Lawyer in Austin

Common Causes of Multi-Vehicle Accidents

Many different factors can contribute to multi-vehicle accidents, including:

  • Distracted driving: Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of all car accidents, including multi-vehicle accidents. Distracted drivers may be talking on the phone, texting, eating, or grooming while driving.
  • Drunk driving: Drunk driving is another major cause of multi-vehicle accidents. Alcohol impairs judgment and coordination, making it difficult for drivers to operate their vehicles safely.
  • Speeding: Speeding reduces drivers’ reaction time and makes it more difficult to avoid collisions.
  • Reckless driving: Reckless driving includes behaviors such as tailgating, illegal lane changes, and running red lights.
  • Adverse road conditions: Adverse road conditions such as rain, snow, and ice can make it difficult for drivers to control their vehicles and can lead to multi-vehicle accidents.

Common Injuries in Multi-Vehicle Accidents

Multi-vehicle accidents can cause a wide range of injuries, including:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs): TBIs are one of the most severe types of injuries that can occur in a multi-vehicle accident. TBIs can cause a variety of problems, including cognitive impairment, memory loss, and personality changes.
  • Spinal cord injuries: Spinal cord injuries can be devastating, causing paralysis and other serious health problems.
  • Broken bones: Broken bones are a common injury in multi-vehicle accidents. Broken bones can be painful and disabling, and may require surgery and rehabilitation.
  • Whiplash: Whiplash is a neck injury that can occur in multi-vehicle accidents, even at low speeds. Whiplash can cause pain, stiffness, and headaches.
  • Internal injuries: Multi-vehicle accidents can also cause internal injuries, such as organ damage and bleeding.

What to Do After a Multi-Vehicle Accident

If you have been injured in a multi-vehicle accident, it is vital to take the following steps:

  1. Seek medical attention: Even if you do not feel injured, it is important to see a doctor to be evaluated for any potential injuries.
  2. Exchange information with the other drivers: Get the names, addresses, phone numbers, and insurance information of the other drivers involved in the accident.
  3. Contact the police: File a police report with the local police department. This will create a record of the accident and help to protect your rights.
  4. Contact a car accident attorney: An experienced car accident attorney can help you investigate the accident, determine fault, and file a claim for compensation.

How a Car Accident Attorney Can Help

A car accident attorney can help you in a variety of ways after a multi-vehicle accident, including:

  • Investigating the accident: Your attorney will investigate the accident to determine the cause and liability. This may involve interviewing witnesses, reviewing police reports, and obtaining medical records.
  • Filing a claim: Your attorney will help you file a claim for compensation with the insurance company of the at-fault driver. Your attorney will negotiate with the insurance company to get you the maximum compensation possible.
  • Representing you in court: If your case cannot be resolved through negotiation, your attorney will represent you in court. Your attorney will fight for your rights and get you the compensation you deserve.

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