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Our Austin, Texas Mediation law firm knows that settling a case is sometimes significantly hampered by court rules and procedures. Complex legal disputes often have peaceful solutions with the right Texas mediation attorneys working for you. The mediation process isn’t encumbered by the formalities of litigating in court, and under many circumstances offers the best chance for a positive resolution.

Attorney Glen Larson is a trained mediator through the University of Texas and helps clients achieve their legal goals without the need for lengthy, costly litigation. Let us help you arrive at a favorable resolution effectively and peacefully.

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Mediation is the process of arriving at a mutually agreeable solution via discussions and negotiations that are structured and moderated by an impartial party, the mediator. We work to facilitate a peaceful settlement negotiation or lasting resolution between the involved parties. If you have been injured on the job but do not want to pursue litigation, for example, in some cases our Texas mediator can recommend mediation to pursue compensation. Many small businesses can also benefit from this moderate approach.

Most mediation processes will involve the same components:

  • The mediator ensures that every party has an opportunity to express themselves clearly.
  • The mediator ensures that no parties feel “railroaded” during the process.
  • Achievable milestones towards an agreement are planned and tracked.
  • Progress towards a fast solution is facilitated by a tranquil and balanced process.

There are significant benefits to mediation in pursuing your legal aims. Generally speaking, mediation is cheaper and more flexible for the involved parties. If you have questions about mediation for our Austin Personal injury attorney, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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