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Whose Car Insurance Applies After a Texas Rideshare Accident with Injuries?

Now that both Uber and Lyft have been operational for around a decade, rideshare services provide common transportation options throughout Texas and the rest of the country.

With approximately two million rideshare drivers providing taxiing services across the country, traffic collisions involving these vehicles are occurring everywhere. Including Texas.

The bigger question becomes, whose insurance coverage can be pursued for damages?

Our Austin personal injury attorneys have answers.

How Can I Determine Who is Liable for Damages After a Rideshare Accident in Texas?

All Texas drivers are required to carry minimum insurance coverage on their personal vehicles.

When drivers use their vehicles to drive for Uber or Lyft, there are certain times during their employment that the company’s insurance becomes a liable factor if they are involved in a collision.

Because it can be difficult to determine when a personal policy or commercial policy applies, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners created time periods as a guide for liability.

They include the following periods:

  • Zero

The driver is using his or her personal vehicle and the app is not turned on or enabled. During this period, the driver’s personal insurance applies, as they are operating under their policy.

  • One

The driver has enabled the app but has not yet accepted a ride request. During this period, the rideshare company may have limited liability.

  • Two

The driver has accepted a ride request via the app and is in transit to the passenger. During this period, the rideshare company’s insurance coverage will apply, up to the $1 million coverage limit.

  • Three

The passenger is in the driver’s vehicle, en route to their destination. During this period, the rideshare company’s insurance coverage will also apply, up to the $1 million coverage limit.

If you have been injured by a rideshare driver — either as a rider or another motorist — who was actively working for Uber, Lyft, or another company during the collision, we can help you determine which insurance policies are applicable, so you can pursue the financial recovery you deserve.

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