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What Happens After a Pedestrian Accident?

Car accidents send roughly 130,000 American pedestrians to the emergency room each year. These crashes are often severe, but knowing how to handle a pedestrian accident can limit further injuries and help victims obtain the compensation they need for a successful recovery.


Even a low-speed car accident involving a pedestrian can result in serious damage. The more the victim moves, the worse that damage might become, especially if there’s are any broken bones.

For that reason, anyone hit by a car should limit movement as much as possible. Immediately after the crash, pedestrians should get out of the road, if safe to do so.

Once everyone is out of immediate danger, someone should call for emergency services as soon as possible. EMTs have special equipment, like stretchers and padding, that will help limit movement until victims can be seen by a doctor.

In most cases, someone hit by a vehicle will need a visit to the emergency room. That can make it extremely difficult to get the driver’s information as the pedestrian is usually in no condition to copy insurance information. A police officer can ensure the driver is held responsible for their negligence.

State law requires that if someone is injured in a car accident (meaning if there is any blood, serious pain, or broken bones), those involved must have emergency services and law enforcement on the scene.

As EMTs help the injured pedestrian, the police will collect the driver’s insurance information and file a report. Depending on the severity of the accident, the police report might be the best way for a victim’s attorney to get in contact with the driver’s insurance company.

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