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The Long-Term Impact of Herniated Disc Injuries After a Texas Car Accident

Glen Larson Law Personal Injury Attorneys in Austin, Texas know there are different types of car accidents that can lead to multiple injuries that have long-term medical consequences. One of the most common is herniated discs. A herniated disc refers to a problem with one of the rubbery cushions, or discs, which sit between the bones that stack to make your spine.

What Medical Symptoms are Associated with Herniated Discs?

Sometimes called a slipped disc or a ruptured disc, a herniated disc can occur in any part of the spine or neck, but most often occurs in the lower back. Depending on where the herniated disc is, it can result in severe pain, radiating numbness, tingling, or weakness in an arm or leg.

The pain is often described as sharp or burning, as it shoots through the buttocks, thigh, or calf, or shoulder and arm if the ruptured disc is in the neck area.

Complications from herniated discs can include mobility problems, the inability to hold objects, an overall hampering in daily activities, and diminished quality of life.

In severe cases, herniated discs can lead to:

  • Bladder or bowel dysfunction.
  • Saddle anesthesia, which is the loss of sensation that affects the inner thighs, back of the legs, and the area around the rectum.

What Type of Medical Treatment is Required for Herniated Discs?

In nearly all scenarios, herniated disc treatment requires a significant modification in the injured person’s activities to avoid movement that causes additional pain.

Other treatments may include neuropathic drugs that affect nerve impulses to decrease the pain, prescribed muscle relaxers for muscle spasms, the short-term use of opioids, cortisone injections, physical therapy, or even surgery to remove the herniated portion of a spinal disc.

In nearly all cases, surgeons can remove just the protruding portion of the disc. Rarely, the entire disc must be removed. In these cases, the vertebrae might need to be fused with a bone graft.

To allow the process of bone fusion, which takes months, metal hardware is placed in the spine to provide spinal stability. Rarely, a surgeon might suggest the implantation of an artificial disc.

Why Should I Call a Car Accident Attorney After Suffering a Herniated Disc Injury in a Texas Vehicle Collision?

If you have suffered a herniated disc injury in a vehicle collision caused by negligence, your road to recovery may be long and difficult. Depending on where the injury occurs, your medical treatment and inability to work could last months or even become permanent.

You should not be responsible for the expenses and lost wages associated with your herniated disc injuries. We can help you hold the negligent driver liable for your full financial recovery.

Call our skilled car accident attorneys in Austin, Texas at (512) 699-1382 or contact us online today to schedule a free consultation. We pursue dedicated, driven results for our clients, and there is never a charge to talk to an attorney. We stand ready to help you.

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