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The High Cost of Drunk Driving

According to the Centers for Disease Control, drivers with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) above .08 – the legal limit in Texas – are considered alcohol-impaired by law. Based on the state’s impaired driving laws, there were 25,261 reported drunk-driving crashes in Texas last year alone.

These statistics prove what Glen Larson Law Injury Attorneys know: When drunk or impaired drivers get behind the wheel, crashes are more likely to happen. The consequences and injuries can be, and are frequently, life changing.

How Many Drunk Driving Accidents, Injuries, and Fatalities Occur in Texas?

The latest statistics from the Texas Department of Transportation are in, and the takeaway is grim.

Last year, during the 25,261 drunk-driving crashes that occurred in Texas:

  • 1,029 people were killed — equaling one DUI death every 8.5 hours.
  • 24% of all traffic deaths in Texas last year were tied to drunk driving.
  • 2,522 people were seriously injured in drunk driving crashes.

Impaired driving may be legally measured by blood alcohol content, but there is no straightforward conversion for a person to establish the number of drinks they have had to what their blood alcohol level may be — and whether they can get behind the wheel without potentially getting pulled over and going to jail.

A person’s BAC depends on the person, and his or her gender, weight, and multiple other factors that are unique to their biology. Unfortunately, impaired driving is often the result of individuals having a few drinks and “feeling fine” to drive, or having too many drinks, and feeling overconfident in their driving skills.

The reality is, each person who decides to have drinks after work, during sporting events, or on a night on the town must err on the side of caution and not drive intoxicated.

If you have been drinking, do not drive. Drunk driving can lead to accidents, jailtime and injuries or worse, death.  Drunk drivers are liable for injuries and can be sued for significant civil penalties as well. Call a sober friend or family member or call a taxi or rideshare service.

No matter how inconvenient alternative transportation might be, it is the safest choice.

Who Can Be Held Liable for Drunk Driving Accidents, Injuries, and Fatalities in Texas?

In Texas, drunk drivers can be held liable for the accidents, injuries, and fatalities they cause by getting behind the wheel impaired. Not only is it against the law, and rife with criminal consequences, but there are civil consequences, too.

Drunk drivers may be held responsible for the compensation needs of the injured or the wrongful death costs of the deceased’s family, including:

  • Past medical expenses
  • Future medical expenses
  • Loss of past wages
  • Loss of future wages
  • Loss of wage-earning capacity
  • Reduced future earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering in the past
  • Pain and suffering in the future
  • Mental anguish in the past
  • Mental anguish in the future
  • Physical impairment in the past
  • Physical impairment in the future
  • Physical disfigurement in the future
  • Loss of household services in the future

Drunk drivers are liable for all damages during these crashes, including property damage, injuries, or fatalities to another vehicle’s occupants and/or any passengers who were riding in the vehicle at the time of the crash. Our skilled Austin drunk driving accident lawyers will outline each of your compensation needs, starting with a free consultation.

Contact Glen Larson Law Injury Attorneys for Help After a Drunk Driving Crash

If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a drunk driving accident in Texas, call our skilled Austin car accident attorneys at (512) 699-1382 or contact us online today to schedule a free consultation. We pursue dedicated, driven results for our clients, and there is never a charge to talk to an attorney. We stand ready to help you.

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