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Texas Rear-End Collision Injuries and How You Can Recover

Even the most seasoned drivers who leave an appropriate amount of space between their car and the motorist ahead of them have no control over the drivers behind them.

When rear-end traffic collisions occur in Texas, even at low speeds, those who are inside the lead car face risks of whiplash, spine and neck damage, and brain injuries.

The first thing you need to know is any injury resulting from a car accident requires immediate medical attention.

That is especially true for rear-end crashes because the severity of the injuries may go undetected without proper medical care. The longer accident victims wait to evaluate their injuries, the more physical harm they may cause to themselves.

To increase the chances of a full physical recovery, injury victims must seek medical care right away and attend all follow-up doctor and medical appointments.

To increase the chances of a full financial recovery, talk with a skilled Austin personal injury attorney today.

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How Rear-End Collisions Happen in Texas

Rear-end crashes typically involve two vehicles but can certainly cause a chain reaction that includes multiple vehicles.

There are several scenarios when these types of collisions occur.

In some cases, the leading car is hit by a trailing car, which is typically traveling faster than the vehicle in front of it, causing it to collide with the rear of the car in front.

In others, one vehicle may be at a stop sign, red light, or yielding, and is hit by an approaching vehicle because the driver is distracted. During some crashes, this can cause a chain reaction where the leading vehicle’s driver then hits the car in front of it.

No matter how or why a rear-end collision occurs even at a low rate of speed the trailing vehicle hits the car in front with a tremendous amount of force.  This abrupt and jarring crash can injure both vehicle’s occupants, but it is typically the occupant(s) of the lead vehicle that sustain the most severe injuries.

If you have been hurt in a rear-end traffic collision in Texas, our personal injury lawyers can help you pursue the negligent driver who hit you for a full financial recovery to compensate you for your suffering, medical bills, damages, lost wages, and more.

Before we can help build your case, there are a few things you can do after a rear-end collision that can help strengthen your recovery options.

What to Do After a Rear-End Collision Injury in Texas

All accident injury victims need to know that even a so-called “fender bender” can lead to significant damages.

Before you leave the scene of any crash, you should:

  • Take photos of the damage, even if you think it is minor. Vehicle repair bills can be very expensive and you won’t learn the extent of the loss until a professional assess the overall damage.
  • Exchange information with the other driver(s) involved, including their name(s), phone number(s), insurance information, and license plate number(s).
  • Seek medical care immediately. Do not wait for the adrenaline to wear off, and the pain to become overwhelming before you see a physician. There could be multiple underlying medical issues, including head, neck, spine, soft tissue damage, or internal injuries that can lead to life-changing circumstances without notice.
  • Finally, speak to an experienced personal injury attorney in Texas to advocate on your behalf and negotiate with the insurance company to get you the maximum settlement for your situation.

While no personal injury attorney can guarantee results, we do promise to pursue the best outcome for your unique injury circumstances by putting our 15 years of proven legal advocacy to work for you by being more than attorneys, but a legal team you can trust to produce dedicated driven results.

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