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Spring Break Road Safety Tips

With most of the COVID travel restrictions behind us, Americans are planning Spring Break vacations in record numbers this year.

Unfortunately, increased traffic on Texas roadways, combined with the excitement of returning to Spring Break festivities, can lead to severe traffic collisions, injuries, and fatalities.

Our personal injury attorneys in Austin have several Spring Break road safety tips to help keep everyone safe while traveling to and from our destinations.

Top Safety Tips for Spring Break Road Trips

Whether you are parents who are setting off with your kids during their Spring Break from school or are high school or college students who are making the trip with friends, several actions can help keep you safe in transit.

They include:

  • Thoroughly Check the Car for Potential Issues Before You Leave

Whether you are driving your car or a rental vehicle, check its condition — inside and out — before leaving and returning.

Ensure the windshield wipers are in good working order, and that the vehicle’s fluids are topped off before putting the car in drive. Check the tires to ensure they are properly inflated, and make sure there is a spare in case of a flat.

Fill up the gas tank and be sure to do so each time you stop to avoid running out of fuel in a traffic jam or in dead zones where there are no fueling stations for miles.

  • Get All Onboard Features in Order

If your vehicle is equipped with an onboard GPS, enter your destination before putting the car in drive. If you must use your phone or another electronic device to guide your travels, enter the location before you leave and ensure the navigation commands are not muted. This will allow you to follow the proper path without looking down at your phone.

Adjust the seats, steering wheel, other driver-specific functions to your height and overall comfort before pulling away.

  • Leave in the Morning to Avoid Driving at Night

The temptation to leave for Spring Break after your last class or after work on a Friday can lead you into a dangerous driving situation.

Leave in the morning, especially if you have a long drive, so you are not traveling at night.

Waiting until morning can give you more time to prepare for your trip and prioritize the safety of everyone involved.

  • Keep Your Eyes on the Road and Follow All Traffic Signs & Signals

Even if you know where you are going, driving distracted can lead to catastrophic accidents without notice.

When you are driving, allow another person in the vehicle to adjust the music, or grab anything you might need to help keep your eyes and focus on the road. If you are traveling alone, pull off the road and into a safe place before using your phone for any reason — even if it is to navigate to your destination.

Likewise, avoid speeding, tailgating, or driving while impaired or exhausted, so you can get to where you are going safely.

  • Be Sure Everyone is Wearing Their Seatbelts

Seatbelts can become increasingly uncomfortable on long car rides. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about it. Never take your seatbelt off unless you are exiting the vehicle.

Seatbelts help save lives during vehicle collisions.

  • Never Overestimate Your Driving Skills

If you’re tired, take a break. Do not speed, make sharp turns, or blindly drive through a new territory without watching closely for all potential dangers, including road hazards, pedestrians wandering into the streets, or negligent drivers who are disobeying traffic signs or signals.

  • Be Prepared for an Emergency

Even the newest car can malfunction without notice. Equip your car with an emergency kit in case you experience any issues on the road, including jumper cables, warm blankets, flares, a first-aid kit, water, and a flashlight.

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