El Paso Company Vehicle Accident Attorneys Representing Injured People in Texas

Glen Larson Law Injury Attorneys’s company vehicle accident lawyers in El Paso know that it can be nearly impossible to tell when someone is driving a company vehicle unless their employer’s logo or other information is listed clearly on the car, truck, or SUV.

Obvious company vehicles can be seen everywhere on our Texas roadways, including plumbers, construction workers, couriers, delivery vehicles, and retail outlets.

Less obvious company vehicles are those operated by its owners, who use their personal cars, trucks, and SUVs to conduct official company business.

In passing, it typically does matter if you are traveling alongside a logo-covered vehicle or someone driving the same car they take their kids to school in. However, if you are involved in a collision with either vehicle, identifying the at-fault party — or combination of parties — becomes increasingly complex.

When drivers operating company vehicles — whether they are owned by the individual, the organization, or another third-party — cause an accident with injuries or death, our El Paso personal injury attorneys can help determine the liability of who is responsible for the crash.

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How Can I Prove the El Paso Driver Who Caused My Collision Was Working During the Time of Crash?

When a driver operates a vehicle for work purposes like traveling to meetings, running work-related errands, driving to a different city or state, or other business-related purposes, it is a company vehicle.

Whether the driver is operating a vehicle owned by a company or their personally owned car, truck, or SUV, business-related travel may include, but is not limited to:

  • Picking up or delivering work-related goods
  • Running errands/conducting company business
  • Traveling to a remote work location or between business locations
  • Traveling in a rental car for work-related purposes
  • Visiting clients or business partners

Our Glen Larson Law Injury Attorneys company vehicle accident attorneys in El Paso have more than 15 years of experience uncovering all applicable sources of financial recovery for each of our client’s unique accident and injury needs, including the insurance coverage providers for the company, the individual, or another third party. To learn more about how we customize legal strategies for our client’s unique needs, contact us today.

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Is the Organization or the Driver Liable for an El Paso Company Vehicle Accident?

When individuals use their personal vehicles for work-related business or are employees who drive clearly identifiable corporate vehicles, they are representing their employer while behind the wheel.

With that comes an obligation to abide by all company policies, and all Texas traffic laws.

When texting while driving became illegal throughout Texas in 2017, many companies took a proactive approach to implement safe driving policies, which were supported by recommendations from the National Safety Council, Centers for Disease Control, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Even when the company has supplied their employees with cellphones, laptops, or tablets to conduct official company business, their safety policies outline when and where the devices can be used, which — according to our Texas laws — is never while operating a vehicle.

These preemptive zero-tolerance company policies are two-fold: First, they help decrease the number and frequency of collisions caused by distracted driving. Next, the company is attempting to insulate itself from liability, should their employee cause a collision while using an electronic device.

So, who is liable when an employee causes a collision with injuries or fatalities while on company time?

When an organization has not provided all employees with oral or written directions regarding their zero-tolerance policy for distracted, speeding, or impaired driving guidelines, they may be liable for any collisions that occur while their employees were negligently operating their vehicles due to their lack of prevention.

However, even when companies — especially those that provide company cars to their employees for daily use, and to take home — outline the safety requirements in writing, not everyone abides by the rules.

When a company vehicle driver causes a collision while disobeying their employer’s restrictions, both the individual and the company may be responsible for the crash, injuries, or fatalities that result.

Company vehicle accidents are increasingly common, yet still incredibly complex. Proving the driver was “on the clock” at the time of the collision is an important part of our injured client’s financial compensation options, and our skilled El Paso personal injury attorneys will investigate all viable recovery sources to pursue the best outcome.

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