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Our company vehicle accident attorneys in Dallas know that not all company vehicles carry their employers’ logos or other obvious markings that suggest they are operating a car, truck, or SUV on behalf of their employer.

Drivers throughout the state can quickly go from being behind the wheel of a personal vehicle to suddenly driving a company car as soon as they are on the clock.

This fact can lead to a lot of confusion regarding injuries that occur in wrecks with company vehicles and their effect on personal injury lawsuit recovery options in Texas.

When individuals — and those who are clearly driving corporate vehicles — negligently cause an accident with injuries or death, our Dallas company vehicle accident attorneys can help determine liability of who is responsible for the crash.

Our Dallas personal injury lawyers help injured people and their families understand the liability, damages, and recovery options available for their unique crash circumstances when they have been injured in a collision with a driver who is behind the wheel of a company vehicle.

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How Will I Know If My Injuries Were Caused by the Driver of a Company Vehicle?

When a vehicle is used for work purposes like traveling to meetings, running work-related errands, driving to a different city or state or other business-related purposes, it is a company vehicle.

Company or corporate vehicles can be cars, pick-up trucks, SUVs, or other passenger vehicles that are used for business — even when it is owned by the driver instead of an organization.

Whether a driver is operating a vehicle owned by a company — regardless of whether the vehicle has a company logo on it —business-related travel may include, but is not limited to:

  • Traveling between work locations or to a remote work location
  • Traveling in a rental car when an employee is out of town for business
  • Providing a free service for the company, including trips to and from the bank or post office to conduct company business
  • Visiting clients or business partners, including company attorneys or accountants
  • Picking up or delivering goods

Additional conditions that may define a company vehicle include:

  • Vehicles rented or leased by others
  • Vehicles with titles naming the business as the owner
  • Vehicles that include modifications or equipment for business purposes
  • Vehicles driven by employees for both business and personal use consistently

In a company vehicle accident case, it is especially important to uncover all applicable sources of financial recovery, including the insurance coverage providers for the company, the individual, or another third party. We can help.

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Determining the Difference Between Company Liability and Employee Negligence During Company Vehicle Crashes in Texas

When employees drive company vehicles, or use their personal vehicles for work-related business, they are obligated to abide by company policies while representing their employer on our Texas roadways.

The difference is, a company courier driving a fully recognizable company vehicle can be easily held accountable for reckless, distracted, or impaired driving — even if they are not in a crash. A single phone call to their employer may jeopardize their livelihood, which often proactively changes their behavior on the roadways.

Other drivers — who are also operating a company vehicle, even if it is their own — are less identifiable, but no less subject to their employer’s policies.

Many companies began implementing safe driving policies in 2017 when texting while driving became illegal throughout Texas.

Other important health and safety organizations followed suit, suggesting employers ban all phone use while driving a company vehicle, including the:

Safe companies have created driving plans that prohibit the use of electronic devices while operating a company vehicle, even when they supplied the cellphones, laptops, or tablets their employees are using to conduct business while on the road.

When company vehicle policies are properly implemented, they can help reduce the frequency and severity of crashes while helping to create a strong public image for the company’s commitment to employee and public safety.

When companies do not have a zero-tolerance policy in place regarding distracted driving in the field, they may be liable for any collisions that occur while their employees were negligently operating their vehicles for their lack of prevention.

Unfortunately, even when companies outline their safety guidelines verbally and in writing, not all employees follow the rules, which is not only difficult for their employers to control, but may make the driver and/or the company liable for collisions, injuries, or even fatalities that result.

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