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Motorcycle Crashes And Biker Injuries

motorcycle crash

With the onset of spring weather, more motorcyclists are hitting the road. While bikers need to be wary for their safety, drivers on the road must also take care to look out for these smaller road users. Many tragic motorcycle crashes occur because of careless drivers who fail to pay attention to their surroundings.

Whether you are heading out on a motorcycle or in a four-wheeled vehicle, you need to respect the safety of those around you. Motorcyclists have equal rights to use the road. Drivers must remember that it is their duty to use caution around these motorists and all others.

Motorcycle Rallies Heading To Texas

Motorcycle rallies are planned gatherings of motorcyclists that give riders a chance to socialize with like-minded bike enthusiasts. The best rallies offer an opportunity to travel scenic routes and to engage in plenty of festivities. Bikers often travel hours to arrive at the rallies, so locals should be ready to see the roads flooded with bikers for the following Texas rallies:

  • April 29 – May 2, 2021: Hill Country Run Motorcycle Rally in Luckenbach, TX
  • May 13 – May 16, 2021: The Crater Rally in Mount Enterprise, TX
  • June 10 – June 13, 2021: Republic of Texas Motorcycle Rally in Austin, TX

Thousands of bikers will be coming to these events to enjoy the roads. Drivers should be extra cautious to avoid creating a tragedy where there should be good times and celebrations.

Safety Tips For Motorcyclists

When it comes to motorcycle accidents, there is often a stigma against the motorcyclist. Riders have a reputation of being thrill-seekers and risk-takers, so, as a motorcyclist, you might find yourself being blamed unfairly if something goes wrong.

Worrying about liability after a crash is far less important than taking steps to avoid a collision in the first place. However, you might want to consider that, because of the stigma against motorcyclists, others may question your credibility as the victim of another person’s negligence if you get into an accident. If you suffer injuries in a crash, an insurance company will look at ways to limit their settlement or to otherwise devalue your case. The primary method of doing this will be to try to blame you for your injuries, so you should try to minimize any risks you take on a motorcycle from the outset by adhering to all safety rules.

Of course, the number-one safety tip for bikers is to use a helmet. Helmets reduce the risk of severe injuries, brain damage, and death. In some cases, courts will reduce the payout that you receive from a negligent driver if you did not wear a helmet. For example, imagine that a driver cuts you off while you are riding your motorcycle without a helmet, and you injure your head in the accident. A court may justify a decision to reduce your damages because a helmet would have minimized your injuries.

You can also help limit the risk to yourself as a motorcyclist by wearing bright colors, following traffic laws, and never riding when under the influence or overtired.

Safety Tips For Drivers Sharing The Road With Motorcycles

One of the most important considerations you can keep in mind is to practice defensive driving when it comes to driving around motorcycles. Speeding, failing to pay attention to the road and otherwise taking risks while driving can put you in danger. You can also put others’ safety in jeopardy, and a resulting accident could be even more devastating for others on the road, especially those without the protection of a car or other larger vehicle.

As a driver, you should also be wary of the fact that motorcycles can easily fall into your blind spot. If you are switching lanes or making a left turn, you need to make a conscious effort to check for smaller vehicles like motorcycles. Many people may unintentionally overlook motorcycles when they are consciously looking out for larger vehicles before switching lanes. Drivers making left turns frequently cause deadly crashes with motorcycles. Intentionally taking the extra time to check for a biker may save someone’s life.

Drivers should never follow a motorcycle too closely. Motorcycles have the right to use an entire lane, and you need to provide ample space between your vehicle and theirs. Because they are smaller, motorcycles are able to stop faster than many cars. Following too closely will mean that you might not be able to stop quickly enough to avoid an accident if the motorcyclist suddenly stops in an emergency. Many motorcycles do not have brake lights like cars do, which makes it more challenging to identify the moment when they begin to slow down. Staying at a distance when driving behind a motorcycle can give you enough space to realize the motorcycle is slowing down and to safely adjust your speed.

Rain and other hazardous weather conditions impact you as a driver, but they have an even more significant effect on motorcyclists. Without the benefit of a windshield and wipers, it may be more difficult for motorcyclists to see their surroundings, and, having only two wheels, they may face more trouble with traction on the road. It is essential to give them plenty of space in such conditions to avoid an accident.

Safely Sharing The Road

Statistics suggest that motorcyclists’ risk of death is about 27 times higher than that of other individuals on the road. Much of this higher risk is due to inconsiderate or careless drivers. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration holds a “Share The Road” campaign during May, which is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. The initiative is more focused on raising awareness among drivers than on informing motorcyclists of the safety precautions they should take.

If you are a motorcyclist, you should understand that you are responsible for taking reasonable steps to keep yourself safe, but some of the risk on the road is out of your control. Whenever any of us use the roads, we are at the mercy of other drivers. If you see a motorcyclist, please be considerate. Even minor crashes that may not cause severe injuries to individuals in cars can be deadly for these road users. You also can face serious consequences, including civil or criminal liability, for violating others’ safety rights. Whenever you drive, please take the time to look for smaller vehicles, keep your eyes open, and stay focused on the road.

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