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Frequently Asked Questions after an Auto Accident

Our Glen Larson Law Injury Attorneys car accident attorneys in Texas know there is a lot of confusion to sort through after a traffic collision occurs. With adrenaline pumping, it is nearly impossible to collect your thoughts, or accurately evaluate the depth of your injuries.

Before you let the reality of the crash overwhelm you, there are a few questions that can be easily answered, so the details of the collision are properly gathered.

Should I Call the Police After a Texas Car Accident with Injuries?

Absolutely. If your injuries allow, call 911 and wait for the police to arrive. Once they get to the scene, law enforcement will complete a crash report, which is integral in securing your future financial recovery. Without a police report, the other driver can deny any involvement in the crash and may get away with it.

When you speak with the police, remain calm and do not speculate about the cause of the crash, or accept responsibility for the accident. Stick to the facts, and allow the officers to do their jobs, based on the evidence at the scene.

What is the Most Important Information to Obtain After the Crash?

All accident victims should obtain the other driver’s information, including their driver’s license, registration, insurance coverage, and contact information. If there are witnesses at the scene, record their names, contact information, and what they saw for future reference.

Should I Take Pictures of the Crash Scene?

Yes. Take pictures and/or video of all the vehicles involved, the surrounding traffic patterns, any skid marks or crash debris, and where the vehicles came to a stop after the crash.

Should I Seek Medical Care Immediately After a Vehicle Collision or Wait and See How I Feel?

As soon as you can leave the crash scene, seek medical care. This will allow you to assess your injuries accurately and professionally, ensure a treatment plan is in place — and protect your overall health and well-being.

Failing to seek medical care could not only be dangerous, but it will harm your ability to pursue financial recovery for your injuries later.

Use your health insurance and seek treatment from medical professionals within your health insurance network, if applicable. Using health insurance will increase your net settlement recovery 100% of the time in a personal injury claim.

Should I Talk to the Negligent Driver’s Insurance Provider?

The liable party’s insurance representative is going to contact you right away after the crash, with the sole goal of getting you to take some or all responsibility for the collision.

They will ask confusing questions under the guise of trying to figure out how they can help. Their empathy is disingenuous. They are simply looking for the best way to minimize their exposure.

Never speak with the insurance company, and certainly do not sign anything they send you, without speaking with a trusted Texas auto accident attorney first.

Should I File a Personal Injury Claim Against the Negligent Driver Who Caused the Crash?

Hiring a personal injury lawyer to pursue compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurance coverage is not required by law. However, obtaining financial recovery for your complete injuries is going to be difficult to do on your own.

Partnering with a skilled auto accident attorney in Austin, Texas will allow you to understand the overall value of your case, which may include:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages and benefits
  • Loss of future earning capacity
  • Miscellaneous expenses (childcare, transportation, medical devices, or appliances)
  • Mental, emotional, and physical pain and suffering
  • Scarring, disfigurement, and physical impairment
  • Property damage

Our Glen Larson Law Injury Attorneys car accident lawyers in Texas provide skilled legal representation on a contingency basis. That means you do not pay our legal fees if we do not win your case. Call us today to learn more.

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