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The construction industry is complex and subject to countless regulations which means that when a legal issue or dispute arises, knowledgeable counsel is needed to effectively resolve it. At Glen Larson Law Injury Attorneys, our understanding of the complexities inherent to construction law allows us to provide a robust variety of legal services to our clients. We represent construction companies and contractors in contract formation, as well as help plaintiffs, assert their rights in the courtroom.

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Disputes arise often during construction projects. Between builders and owners, developers and general contractors, contractors and material vendors our Austin Construction Law firm has seen it all. Attorney Larson works with construction company owners, subcontractors, developers, vendors, and employees to help them achieve their legal goals.

We can represent clients in this industry in a number of ways:

  • Construction litigation: We represent all potential parties to construction disputes and we handle all aspects of construction legations. Including but not limited to breach of contract, termination, worksite safety claims, change orders, and construction failures.
  • Contract consulting: We can consult on reviewing and modifying standard construction contracts, such as construction management agreements and owner-contractor agreements.
  • Pre-litigation consulting: We can consult with clients during pre-litigation and gather facts to establish a case.
  • Contract formation: Owner-engineer agreements, subcontract agreements, and owner-consultant agreements are just a few of the contracts we can draft for our clients.
  • Construction mediation: In many cases, satisfactory results can be obtained through mediation rather than costly court litigation.
  • Construction arbitration: We seek to help clients resolve disputes in an expedited and less costly manner through arbitration.

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