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Trains are large, powerful machines that are unable to stop quickly due to their immense weight. Passengers, pedestrians, and drivers of motor vehicles encounter them on a daily basis. If you or a loved one have been injured by or on a train, you are not alone. Train accidents are the source of a variety of injuries, small and large.

Unfortunately, pursuing legal claims revolving around train accidents can be significantly complex. You should contact our Austin Railroad Accident Lawyers immediately if you have been injured so that we can immediately begin fighting for your right to compensation. Glen Larson Law has handled thousands of cases throughout the state and knows what it takes to secure results for our clients.

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When people think of train accidents, they usually think of catastrophic, headline-grabbing derailments that can cause widespread destruction. These are thankfully rare, but there are various other smaller incidents that occur frequently on and around trains that can result in serious injuries for passengers, motorists, and pedestrians.

Train accidents can include:

  • Falling: Slipping and falling while riding on a passenger train, or falling from the railroad platform.
  • Accidents at railroad crossings: Whether as a pedestrian, driver, or passenger of a motor vehicle or the train itself, you may have been injured during a collision.
  • Injury from electrocution: Passenger trains and rail lines have numerous high voltage components capable of causing serious injury.
  • Cargo-related damage: Commercial trains spilling cargo can cause significant damage.
  • Train derailments: When trains go off the rails, passengers and bystanders can become victims.


Understanding the causes and nature of your case is key to effectively pursuing the compensation victims deserve in these cases. Our Austin personal injury lawyers can review your claim with a free in-person case evaluation. We know how to investigate the causes of incidents, interview witnesses, and establish a strategy that puts forth a compelling claim for compensation. We have the knowledge and resources to confront the corporations and insurance carriers that invariably become involved in these cases so that you can focus on what matters most: recovering from your accident.

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