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While any form of injury can be traumatic, those categorized as catastrophic injuries carry a far greater impact on the victim. After a major accident, you or a loved one will likely require extensive medical care and be in serious physical pain. At Glen Larson Law, we bring aggressive, comprehensive counsel to catastrophic injury cases. We understand how a catastrophic injury can affect the injured person’s quality of life and dedicate ourselves to the rigorous process of seeking maximum compensation for our clients.

Why do catastrophic injury lawsuits in Austin require special considerations?

  • Catastrophic injuries are often far more severe than regular injuries.
  • The period of recovery from catastrophic injuries will likely be long-term.
  • Catastrophic injuries will likely leave those injured with long-term or permanent disability.
  • Catastrophic injuries will likely affect the injured individual’s earning capacity.
  • Catastrophic injuries will likely financially impact an entire family.

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Our Austin catastrophic injury law firm has represented clients with catastrophic injuries resulting from a variety of incidents, with varying needs. We know how to construct a case-specific set of circumstances revolving around different injuries. When in doubt, ask us any questions you may have—we always endeavor to partner closely with our clients and ensure they know their legal options as we proceed with their case.

Some examples of catastrophic injury cases we provide legal representation for include:

  • Spinal injuries in Austin, Texas: Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) can leave a victim with reduced sensation, pain, problems breathing, muscle weakness, and varying loss of motor function. Forms of SCI can include lumbar, cervical, or thoracic.
  • Brain injuries in Austin, Texas: Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) can occur and manifest in varying degrees. As the brain is so crucial to every function within the body, TBI can result in symptoms virtually anywhere.
  • Severe burns in Austin, Texas: Damage from burns can reach far deeper than the skin, affecting bone, nerves, and muscle ability. Even after initial treatment, pain from burns can be lasting.
  • Amputation/disfigurement in Austin, Texas
  • Severe eye injuries in Austin, Texas
  • Neurological damage in Austin, Texas
  • Vital organ injuries in Austin, Texas

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